N A T H A N & N A O M I

G o u l b u r n  W e d d i n g

A love that is fierce and sassy.
A love that brings you down to earth.
A love that speaks louder then a crack of thunder in a quiet room/
A love that is honest and so real.
A love that moves mountains.

You know that kind of love - I witnessed it the day Naomi married her dreamboat Nathan.
Its honestly a love that gives you goosebumps. I had goosebumps!

When I first met Nathan and Naomi their love spoke louder then their hellos.
A very crystal clear and obvious sense of family value shined like sunbeams.
Although N & N and their two babies were already a family of four - 
The Saturday, on the hill at the breathtaking-ly beautiful Atherton, Goulburn was a stunning celebration of this love and of this commitment.

Their love bought a vert toasty warm and very loving feeling to the hill on the cold, grey Saturday afternoon.

Magical. Emotional. Mind-blowing.


Event Planner / Stylist - Amanda from Exquisite Events by Amanda // Florals by Beks Boomz //
Makeup by THEROOM Hair & Makeup in Goulburn

The End

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