m a t t  & m a k a y l a

All i can say is HOLY - GOOD - LOOKING - NESS...!

I think I squaled with excitement after meeting  Matt & Mikayla all those months ago.

In a matter of minutes - I had fallen completely head over heels in love with not only their delightful and down to earth company 

but with all the minor details I had just heard about the day they were planning.

Makayla and I kept in contact the months leading up to the big day.

We sent each other photos. We texted. It felt like an old schoolyard friendship. Already. 

(That's a totally cool feeling that makes you want to jump up and down -

just like a kid in a school yard)

The morning of the Wedding - was grey. Totally Grey. 

The skies opened up - all morning - and the stunning Merribee House gardens were utterly rain drenched.

That didn't dampen ANY spirits on the day. I promise.

The sun came out moments before Matt and all the guests wondered down to were the ceremony was held, to wait for Mak and all her gals in white to walk down the isle.

Mega babe Makayla wore a gorgeous Grace Loves Lace number with so much sophistcated style. 

The sun stayed out for the cermony and the photos - marriage already agreed with them.

This pair not only put together a completely breathtaking day but man o man did they knew how to throw a party.

They had a massive guest list who witnessed the power duo tie the knot and help them party the night away.

I had so much fun shooting this day I totally forgot I was working.

Anytime you guys want to re-do this day - Let me know. Im in.


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