So - About me ......
I am a serious sunshine seeker, (mostly) self -taught photographer in my mid twenties.

I grew up surrounded by a big, loud family - mostly at my Grandparents beach house.

Somewhere in the midst of my childhood I fell completely head over heals in love with what I was able to do with a camera -


lock up these memories of my favourite times and my favourite people in pictures.

To this day, these memories still decorate the walls of my extended families homes.  

One thing lead to another.......and all of a sudden I am on this long and winding, caotic, crazy, vibrant, joyful,  mysterious and magical journey.

It makes my heart dance and my inner creative spirit shine like sunbeams.

It's like a pastel pink sky on a clam spring evening.

I am inspired by the world every single day - by the people I meet and places I have been.


Being behind the lense highlights my bright and bubbly personality - It feels like home.

In a nutshell - I am real. My photos are real. They are what I see & how I feel.

w e d d i n g s


Weddings are a day of soul dancing and celebrating love and happiness.

(Cheers to that! It's a damn good combination)

Weddings come in so many different shapes and sizes - and to me thats the beauty of it.

Every LOVE DAY is different and so unique.

Your day, your story should completely reflect you as a couple, getting drenched in the emotion

and left unobstructed by camera lenses.

I fit in just as an old friend would - tagging along in the background.

My aim is to lock up your memories - for good & and tell your story - exactly as it is. 

Every, single moment.

w e d d i n g  p a c k a g e s 

I have a 5, 7 or 9 hour package available.

I can also tailor make a package to suit you.


Im dedicated to you and your lover for the whole of your special day. I am not committed anywhere else.

My turn around is approx 6-8 weeks.

Maybe a tad longer. Maybe not.

The middle of wedding season is like a shopping center on XMAS eve.

Crazy. Choatic. Full of excitement and joy of course. 


All edited images are provided to you. Whatever is quality at my discretion. Aprox 900+ images. Maybe more but never any less.

Just like an old friend, I absorb the emotions and everything inbetween.


This is reflected in my photos.

Getting your wedding photographed should never feel like a chore. 

Photographing it definitely doesn't feel like one.

Just like your bride tribe and maybe not so much by your lover - I love hearing about the plans leading up to your day.

I love coffee or cocktails so a meet and greet is effeminately recommended. 

More then one if geographically possible - I really like coffee. 

Travel is no problem. I am based in The Illawarra, South Coast, NSW. I am available in any postcode, worldwide.

Pre weddings shoots are available (I can even bring my camera to your hens celebrations) - like I said I am happy to tailor make a package just for you and there certainly are no rules.

Fill in the few questions below to get the ball rolling.


Well go from there.


Happy Wedding Planning, 




f l o w e r a n d f o x x @ h o t m a i l . c o m