R E F L E C T I O N  - A   Y E A R   L A T E R

Just yesterday I was reflecting back to this day last year.

I write the date almost everyday (except when I am on holidays and when I wake up everyday not bothering to care about what day it is) and a particular date in January crept up on me - just like February has most other people.
It was such a significant date for my old self. It reflects such a horrible time in my life. 
Years of neglecting my mind and my body and ignoring what my creative spirit and my self esteem craved. Years of keeping my bright, mostly strong and confident and almost always bubbly personality locked away in a dark place (that didn't see sunlight).

I didn't realize how isolated I was and how quickly it happened.

It was like an avalanche. You can see it from a distance - before you know it you are stuck so deep and right in the center of it. Spieling out of control.

Greater things are always in the works. 

The universe has a crazy and un-explainable way of giving some people exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

It is so difficult while we are blind and hurting we don't know which way is up.
If you have faith in anything - have faith in the fact that the universe has a funny way of straightening things out far better then we ever could. 

I am so deeply grateful that things didn't work out for me the way I once wanted them to. 
In the last twelve months the Universe has gifted me so much happiness and so many good vibes I could scream (With excitement of course!).
Yesterdays date hit me with a complete sensation of contentment - mixed with a lot of spice.

I am so happy were I am in life - who I have in my corner, who I spend my days with, what I do and how I do it. I am even more exciting about were I am going.

I breathe everyday in and take every moment into my stride. 
Im back baby - and - it feels damn good !!


To a magical 2018, the proof that all the hard yakka in 2017 was worth it.
I spent two
 weeks on the south coast, sundrenched by the bright Australian summer sun.

We were surrounded by beautiful baby blue ocean, an abundance of freshly caught seafood, good company.
For the first time in weeks a feeling of complete calmness drowned me.
It was the most content and blissful feeling.
The ocean, under the sun. No agenda, no phone calls, no computer screen.
Just my man and the dog. Back to basics.
Holy crap with a clear, peaceful mind life is good. You have the ability to absorb the greatness of it.
I am inspired by my own experiences
 and more motivated to make the most of the 365 days ahead of me - the best yet.
I hope your next orbit around the sun is just as bright as crystals shining in the sun - full of happiness and loud love'n.

To keep in touch with all my thoughts, inspiration, work, people i have worked with, quotes in my long and winding
journey this year. Watch this space. 

Lots of Love,

January 13th - My first Wedding of 2018.
It felt like home to be back behind the lense.
Beachside, Seabreeze, Banana Leaves, Good Music, a Kombi van and one stunning Bride. It was a good day.

J A N U A R Y  - 2 0 1 8


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