F L O W E R  A N D  F O X X 

" You have such a raw and enchanting talent to capture moments that we know we will remember forever. 
You became more than our photographer, you became our friend." - A Happy Bride

w e d d i n g s

My Story - I grew up surrounded by a big, loud family - mostly at my Grandparents beach house.

Somewhere in the midst of my childhood I fell completely head over heals in love with what I was able to do with a camera - lock up these memories of my favourite times and my favourite people in pictures.

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s o c i al  m e d i a

I just wanted to message you and thankyou for being so unbeliveably amazing all day long on Saturday.


You're such a beautiful person and honestly, having you there with us was a complete pleasure.

It kept me very calm and happy! You were so wonderful." - Lauren

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